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Deburring application

HEULE Solutions for Deburring/Chamfering 

Automated Tools for High-Volume Manufacturing

 COFA: Simply the best deburring tools on the market, our Cofa tools will deburr the contours of an elliptical hole on the front and back of the part with a smooth tapered edge break. 

SNAP:  Our most popular chamfering tool, SNAP tools offer a simple, flexible solution when you need to produce quality chamfers while eliminating secondary burrs.

DEFA: Widely used by some of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers, DEFA allows you to set your chamfer size for any material or burr size. Cuts high quality, consistent chamfers without damaging the bore or thread surface.

Automated deburring tool


The Universal Deburring Tool

  • Specifically designed for front and back deburring on even and uneven bore edges using CNC machinery
  • Perfect for a range of cross hole deburring applications including sloped bores
  • ID/OD deburring
  • No stopping or reversing the spindle
  • Even and consistent edge break
  • Suitable for all ranges of machine materials
  • Available in smaller sizes for micro-deburring applications
  • Coated carbide blades guarantee a long tool life and faster feeds and speeds
  • Typical applications include forks, yokes, common rails, castings, tubes with cross bores, and other work pieces with cross bores in main bores 

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Automated chamfering tool


The Precision Chamfering Tool

  • A simple tool for deburring and/or chamfering through holes on the top and bottom
  • No need to reverse the spindle, dwelling, or indexing the part
  • Ideal choice for high volume manufacturing
  • Carbide inserts coated with TIN, TiCN or TiAlN 
  • Easy blade changes increase production efficiency
  • Blades are ground with patented geometry developed by HEULE to produce quality chamfers and eliminate secondary burrs
  • Solid body design provides the highest durability of any deburring tool
  • Coated carbide blades ensure long tool life

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Adjustable chamfering Tool


The Adjustable Chamfering Tool

  • Controlled chamfers over a range of adjustments
  • Chamfering thickness can be infinitely adjusted directly on the tool, depending on the bore dimension
  • No reversing the spindle or indexing the work piece saves cycle time
  • Front and back or only back chamfering of bores in hard-to-machine or highly burr-forming materials 
  • Ideal for Inconel and other exotic materials
  • Dual cutting system for machining bores with longitudinal grooves, cross-bores and open bores with discontinuous cut
  • Exchangeable carbide blade with material-specific coating 
  • Blade geometry has a sliding surface that allows cutting chamfers without damage to the bore surface or of the thread during penetration
  • Widely used by the world's leading aerospace manufacturers

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